Friday, September 10, 2010

First Post

7th Period Students,

For this first post, you need to type in your comment on the following question. Be sure to use your best writing skills (yes, I know you are typing this, but you know what I mean):
What are things we should be aware of when searching for information on the internet? (for example, how do we know if a website is trustworthy, or safe to use)


  1. Brian Manzo

    One way to find out if a website is safe or unsafe,is if you have a really good anti-virus that has internet security to warn you about unsafe websites. Like Norton 360 anti virus will tell you if you are on a unsafe.

  2. Stephanie Hughes:
    When browsing the internet, it is important to make sure the adress bar says https://, and to be cautious to the unsecure sites.

  3. Joseph"Squirrel Boy" Bering
    If an url has https then it should be secure

  4. Tony Jordan

    I Know When A Website Is Secure Because It Has Check Marks On The Side Of The Website Your Looking For. Green Is Secure And A Red X Is Not Secure.

  5. Farrah Abdulkhaliq
    When you are serching on the internet you should check the sources from where the information on that site came from. Also if it is an organizations and governments wedsite it is more reliable.

  6. Autumn Riehle
    its good if the school distric allows the web site